Project generator v0.8

    I am skipping one version, going directly for v0.8 (the last time I wrote here was for progen v0.6). There were lot of changes introduced for the last 2 versions of progen (name change was the main one, from pgen to progen). I’ll summarize changes here, how is progen looking today and we might get some details what’s coming. All that work made me busy for weeks, I wanted to finish it as soon as... Read more.

    06 Jan 2016 | Category: python

    mbed OS beta repositories are public now

    You might have missed this, but mbed OS github repositories were made public on Friday (4th of September, 2015). All is on github under ARMmbed. Software yotta - build and packaging software minar - mbed OS scheduler mbed-drivers - drivers uvisor - hypervisor Examples mbedos-blinky asynch-spi asynch-serial asynch-i2c mbed-network mbed-client-example-6lowpan mbed-client-examples The good start is with mbedos-blinky, where you can get familiar with yotta. We have been using it for a while, I might describe... Read more.

    08 Sep 2015 | Category: mbed

    project generator v0.6

    It’s time to bring some update about pgen. The last blog post was about v0.4. The latest v0.6 was release a week ago and brought a lot of changes. It took 2 months to make it complete with all features which were planned. What commands does pgen v0.6 provide? positional arguments: {flash,list,update,init,export,build,clean} commands flash Flash a project list List all projects update Update definitions source repository init Create a project record export Export a project... Read more.

    01 Jul 2015 | Category: python

    project generator v0.4 - new features

    There was an issue created for project generator, to eliminate specific settings in the records. There are various settings, different for each tool, and I wanted to cover 100 percent of each tool, without implementing a specific method for each one. I started looking at how to make it easier for any project to use project_generator. It started by defining new boards definitions, which I described a month ago here on my page. The idea... Read more.

    19 Mar 2015 | Category: python

    rust for embedded projects - peripheral definitions file

    I have been thinking lately about rust device drivers, it started looking at various projects written in rust, aiming at embedded. There are some simple applications or even robust embedded stacks (zinc for example). I published one simple blinky demo for FRDM-KL25Z board, and one blinky example with mbed library (using rust FFI, to see how to use it). For baremetal demo, I had “reinvent” the wheel. Need a timer, have to define registers. A... Read more.

    25 Feb 2015 | Category: rust

    mbed with rust - update 1

    In the initial post about mbed and rust, there were couple of problems, I fixed some, some are still ongoing. What has been fixed? The initial version completely ignored the _start (no C library was linked). I fixed this recently, the required C libraries are linked, to resolve the startup. This fixed wait() issue I had. It simplified the main source file. The main loop is: #[no_mangle] pub fn main() { let mut led =... Read more.

    18 Feb 2015 | Category: rust

    project generator v0.3

    The last days were quite short, as I have been developing the project generator. The last version (v0.2) was published in September. It got the update to the v0.3. What new is there? First of all, the major change that it is now python pypi package. It’s my very first python package published. The new structure of project generator is in smaller modules. The board definition was introduced, means that the user does not need... Read more.

    15 Feb 2015 | Category: python

    mbed and rust?

    While I was reading about rust ffi (, I had a though what if I try rust with mbed library? The mbed library consists of two parts - C++ API and HAL (cmsis and target hal), which is written in C. This can be an exercise how to interact with C world. I built the mbed library for K64F with GCC, copied files which are required for an application to link, and started writing small... Read more.

    31 Jan 2015 | Category: rust, mbed

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